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Adele has started her path from a daydreamer to the famous and successful singer in early 2008. Her genuine and truly captivating masterpieces have stolen million hearts. Since she was 7 Adele always wanted to be older, until she finally turned 18 years old. Her turning point was when she turned 25 that she realized most of her life was spent in wishing. Wishing to be older, wishing to be in another place and finally wishing to remember some things but other to forget. She has captivated million hearts because of being honest with the public. Today, pop music industry is filled with skinny and Photoshop made celebrities, but Adele is something new and real. Almost every person can relate himself or herself to Adele’s songs. She sings about true emotions, hopes and breakups, which most of people have come through as well. Unlike many successful superstars, Adele remained a humble person, which attracted even more followers.

Adele was born and raised in London. Since an early age, she has started writing and performing her own songs. Her childhood was very much alike as many others. Adele was not raised up in a rich family as many other celebrities. On the contrary, her father left the family, so she was raised by her mother. According to Adele, she was inspired by the Spice Girls, who definitely had a great impact on her future career. In 2012 Adele gave birth to her first child. She also said that she would like to have 3 boys until the age of 30.

She was daydreaming of becoming a singer and had nothing but songs about her real life. Adele is a great example of how dreams come true if you really strive for something. She also proved that a person should not be skinny and beautiful in order to gain success in life. She is the epitome of strength and success for many people all over the world. Being a dreamer, she debuted with her first single “Daydreamer”. Adele announced the release of her third album called “25”, which refers to her current age, on 20th of November. Her singles stay on top for many weeks and her videos reach million views in a few days. She is definitely a successful and inspiring person. Her successful career has proved that even being a curved person, it is possible to reach success when having a talent.

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