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Great Ideas For An Essay On Why Health Is Better Than Wealth

It isn't so difficult to write a homework assignment on a topic relating to health. If you need suggestions having to do with health versus wealth, you can check it out by looking up some of the pros and cons of each one. Although if you think about it, it is kind of obvious. It is definitely fun to have the means to spend. But it doesn't buy absolutely everything anyone could want. What can't be bought?

Think about some of the things you take for granted with your health if you're an overall healthy person.

  • feeling energized
  • getting to hang out or go out and enjoy being a young person or a healthy older person
  • not being so sick you can't do anything
  • feeling well enough to do something small like go to the store

Some of the wealthiest people could be some of the loneliest people. Having a need to earn helps to give us a purpose. It gives people a sense of pride. If you already have a ton of money, it's easy to take advantage of not having to work hard to earn it. You could have this huge house, but be the only person living in it. That could be a bit lonely.

Give perspective on the downfall's of being wealthy and why it is more appreciated when you are healthy. Ask yourself if you'd like to be the one who wants to enjoy the nature of trees, lakes, and other natural beauty. Or if you want to be the one who is so well off financially, maybe you don't even think anything of beautiful mountains. Many times too much spending makes one not value the simple things in life.

A reality check is having all the dough in the world does not guarantee all the happiness in the world too. Yes, it takes care of the bills and gives you lots of extra spending room. Imagine that. Imagine what it would be like if you had an excessive amount of cash. How would you be treated? Think of how others would act towards you if they knew how much you had in the bank. Ponder how having green in your pocket makes people react.

How thankful are we when we feel healthy, and you can just enjoy a walk in the neighborhood or the park. It's pleasant. Really nice.

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