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High School Persuasive Essay Topics That Will Boost Your Interest

Writing a persuasive essay is not a difficult task but then, it is also not easy. In order to maintain a middle ground when it comes to composing academic essays, you should learn not to be intimidated by any topic you are asked to write on by your tutor. With steady practice, you will come to learn how to choose your own topics, research and also write them without any stress. Remember it is a persuasive paper and in order to convince your readers, you should write with a lot of enthusiasm. If you are yet to choose a topic, here are some that will surely boost your interest. They are as follows:

  • Imprisonment – Is it an effective form of punishment for offenders?
  • Can chat rooms ever be made to be safe for online users?
  • Body piercing should be globally banned.
  • Foreign languages should be made mandatory in high schools
  • People with visible tattoos should not be employed in public corporations
  • Casinos should be banned with severe penalties for defaulters
  • There should be a limit to freedom of press
  • Teachers’ salaries should be according to individual teacher’s performances
  • Human cloning should be considered a taboo
  • Gender equality should be made mandatory in all nations
  • Severe restrictions should be placed on paparazzi
  • Exclusive use of arms should be allowed in areas prone to criminal acts
  • The eligibility criteria bar should be significantly raised for diplomats
  • Juvenile offenders should be subjected to psychiatric evaluations and treatment as punishment
  • Should the production and use of fireworks be banned?
  • Students in tertiary institutions should be provided with free laptop computers
  • Crime can only be reduced if juvenile offenders are sentenced just like adult offenders
  • Should sex education be made mandatory in high schools?
  • Should there be penalties for parents who fail to get their children vaccinated?
  • Should wrestling matches be banned?
  • Should voting be made mandatory globally?
  • Should the use of solar power be made mandatory in certain regions?
  • Immigration laws should be stricter
  • There should be a ban on the use of animals for entertainment purposes
  • Drinking without permission should be banned

These are some of the high school persuasive essay topics that will boost your interest and make your tutor very proud of you. Go ahead and make a choice of a topic to write on and have fun doing so.

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