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How To Write An Essay – A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies

Are you stuck in writing your essay? If you are worried on how to start, especially because it is your first time of attempting such academic paper, here is a step-by-step guide to help you in dealing with your paper. Here are the steps involved:

  • Carefully Analyze The Topic: One reason why some students end up performing below expectation is that they don’t spend quality time going through the topic of their paper and understanding it. You should be able to determine if your tutor wants you to compare, discuss, describe or explain. With this, you won’t go wrong from the beginning.
  • Carry Out Researches: You need to gather the information with which you will write your essay and the only way to do so is carrying out adequate researches. In doing this, ensure that your information is only gathered from reputable sources.
  • Develop Your Thesis: In response to the question of your paper or topic, you need to make a strong statement which gives your readers a clue on your view concerning the question or issue. Make sure to put maximum thought into your thesis statement in order to make it very authoritative.
  • Compose Body Of Paragraphs: Each paragraph should give support to your thesis statement, making sure you use impressive vocabulary. Each topic sentence should blend seamlessly with the one before it.
  • Compose The Introduction: This comes after your paper’s body of paragraphs are written. Use it to tell your target readers how you intend to answer the questions, introducing your thesis with the last sentence. Make your introduction very engaging.
  • Compose The Conclusion: See it as a unique summary of the main ideas of your essay. Let your readers know that your thesis has been effectively proven. Make it not just interesting but relevant as well.
  • Edit Your Paper: With all the content written, you should then get ready to edit the paper for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. If there are any sections of the paper that add no value to the paper, don’t hesitate to delete them.
  • Get It Polished: Write the final copy of your essay, making sure that sources used are properly cited. If possible, let your more experienced siblings or school mates go through it.

With all these done, the next step left is to submit an interesting academic paper, and on time too. Go ahead and impress your tutor like never before.

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