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12 Handy Tips On How To Write An Essay Without A Hitch

One of the best and the easiest way to write an essay is to use the standard form of writing that has been taught in school composition classes. Start the essay with an introductory paragraph that is followed by three paragraphs that outline main points of the essay and final and summary paragraph at the end. Some important yet easy and handy tips to write an essay effectively without a hitch are discussed here,

  1. Main idea of the essay: before starting to write an essay, construct its main idea and story. Decide on what the essay would be about; pick a subject that is unusual so as to grab the audience attention and also to depict adequate knowledge about the subject matter
  2. Starting paragraph: the opening paragraph should introduce the topic to the reader and offer all needed information in a nutshell in this paragraph itself.
  3. Title of the essay should be constructed in a way that it is short and informative
  4. Keep the force of the essay around the essay as wandering around and deviating from the topic would lose interest of the reader.
  5. Concentrate on spelling errors as most essays get graded based on the effectiveness and correctness of the words used in them
  6. Grammar and punctuation needs equal attention throughout the essay to communicate the right message promptly to the audience.
  7. Ensure that the essay has starting, middle and ending paragraph; do not stop the essay in-between minding the word count. Let each paragraph in the essay be informative and have their own purpose and meaning.
  8. Create an outline so as to understand the concept clearly and to cover all needed points. This also helps in directing one’s thoughts and project the essay in an informative manner.
  9. Focus on prompt transitions within the paragraph and the main subject.
  10. After writing the essay, edit it promptly, do not edit while writing
  11. Take a note of plagiarism as there is huge access to the internet, to ensure that the essay is original.
  12. Let the conclusion be effective and creative enough to grab the attention of the reader. Keep thinking on what is to be written on this conclusion paragraph, perhaps a famous quote or a strange fact could be used in conclusion in accordance to the subject matter to draw the interest of the audience.

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