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Good Ideas For Creating A Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

The death penalty has been used throughout history and has often proved to be a reliable method of punishment to dissuade violent crimes. Despite being effective, many groups and countries are against this form of punishment and as a result, the practice has lost popularity in modern times, though, it is still practiced in some places. Today, as many locations observe a rise in violent crimes, many governments are again considering reinstating the death penalty. This has caused a stir in many communities, causing widespread discussions about the viability of this form of punishment. The following is a list of persuasive essay ideas on the death penalty for you to consider:

  1. What is the main reason for most countries imposing the death penalty on hardened criminals?
  2. Has the practice of the death penalty ever proved itself to be an effective means of dissuading persons from committing crimes?
  3. Is it possible that the death penalty may inspire suicidal persons to go on killing sprees?
  4. Should we give persons the choice to decide if they want the death penalty or life in prison?
  5. What are the reasons for some countries being unwilling to abolish the death penalty?
  6. How does the existence of the death penalty affect persons feeling of safety from criminals?
  7. Should the family members of criminals be overlooked, in favor of imposing the death penalty?
  8. What does it mean for a criminal, a person with no reason to live, to be killed for their crimes?
  9. How was the death penalty first developed as a form of corporal punishment?
  10. . Instead of the death penalty, are there any other forms of punishments that would not involve the loss of a human life?
  11. Does the way the death penalty is carried out, affect the way it is perceived by society?
  12. Should decapitation of ones dominant limbs replace the act of killing them outright?
  13. Is the death penalty a way to escape having to spend money and resources to keep criminals in jail for life sentences?
  14. What is the most significant reason for the abolishing of the death penalty in places where it was carried out for many years until recently?
  15. Should we feel pity for criminals that loose their lives due to the ruling of a court of law?
  16. What can be done in cases where new evidence found after the execution, reveals that the criminals was, in fact innocent?

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