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List Of 25 Cause And Effects Essay Topics About Quitting Smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly the leading cause of preventable deaths in the world today. As such, there are numerous efforts and campaigns aimed at helping people quit the not so interesting habit. So, if you are looking for suitable essay topics about quitting smoking, check at the following suggestions.

  1. How smoking can make you deaf
  2. The effects of smoking on your lungs
  3. The impact of nicotine in your night vision
  4. Why smoking might be the reason why you look old
  5. The contribution of smoking to acquiring gum diseases and dental cavities
  6. How smoking takes you closer to death
  7. The effects of smoking on your heart and blood flow in your body
  8. Why you need to quit smoking if you don’t want a heart attack in your life
  9. The relation between smoking and being overweight
  10. How smoking could lead to shortness of breath
  11. Respiratory infections as a result of smoking
  12. How smoking affects your loved ones
  13. How smoking have made people lose jobs
  14. Why you are risking the life of your unborn baby by smoking
  15. The impact of smoking on your social life
  16. Stop Smoking to prevent cancer in your life
  17. The contribution of cigarette smoking to having erectile dysfunction
  18. How smoking weakens your bones
  19. How cigarette smoking contributes to acquiring diabetes
  20. Revealing study on how smoking leads to low estrogen levels in women
  21. The relationship between smoking and infertility
  22. How cigarette smoking contributes to a high risk of getting a stroke
  23. How smoking reduces immunity in your body
  24. The relationship between smoking and getting tired muscles
  25. The effects of smoking to athletes

As you can see, there are numerous effects of smoking. Most of these effects have long term negative effects on the smoker’s health or social wellbeing. Actually, research shows that cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive things in life, and very few people are able to quit the habit. On the other hand, for a writer seeking to sensitize the need to quit smoking through their skills, the essay topics listed above could have a lot of impact to millions of smokers and non-smokers around the world. However, it is necessary to do thorough research on the topic and prepare your thoughts and facts well so as to write a strong essay.

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