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How To Write An Essay About My First Day At College?

Do you want to write an essay on your first day of college, but thus far have no idea what to do to get a top grade? There is a way to approach such a project so that the chances of success are tilted in your favor. Take the time to learn the top tips that can get you to that top grade, and the writing process will be both more enjoyable and simpler. With that thought in mind, here are some of the top tips that you should consider when writing a first day at college essay:

Take Notes

In order to create a vivid piece on your first day of college you should take notes throughout the day, or at the end of it so that you get down all the info while it is still fresh. If you leave it even a few days or weeks afterwards, then you might not be able to recall some very important pieces of info.

The more detailed your notes are the better your chances of creating a piece that will have enough info to get the top grade.

Try To Get It All In

There will be different components of your first day that you should tackle. Don’t limit the piece to only one element of the day as that will create an incomplete picture of it. Here are some of the top ideas you could use for your project:

  • The people you meet during the day might be your best friends down the line. So you could write about all the people you meet and any professors that make an impression on you.
  • The buildings might have great architecture if you’re at an old campus – this could be an interesting thing to write about.
  • Talk about what you actually learnt, or what the first impressions are of the classes.
  • Did the first day meet up to expectations? Talk about the feelings you had during the day, and if it was anything like you thought it could be.
  • What was the food like on campus, did you like it?
  • You could also talk about the quality of the facilities that you saw? This will prove to be a big factor in the quality of your education at college.

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