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Best Places To Find An Example Of An Argumentative Essay About Technology

When you write an argumentative essay, your main concern is to prove your point. You have to write as objective as possible if you want others to take your essay in consideration. Even more, any statement needs to be supported with arguments and evidence, otherwise your composition will be considered incomplete. Since technology is so important in our life nowadays, it’s pretty simple to write your text on this topic. Search for some examples in these places:

  • On blogs. If you read blogs frequently, for sure you know that there are many interesting posts there. Not all of them follow the requirements of an argumentative composition, but you can get some good ideas and use them to create your text. Make sure that you choose your topic wisely and you don’t write about things that are too common.
  • On educational websites. There are pages on the internet where students share their compositions and ask for other people’s feedback. You can read all these compositions and even discuss directly with the author. You will find out what inspired him to write this text and why did he use this specific approach.
  • At the library. If you are not used to visit the library, you will be surprised how many good compositions you can find there. The big advantage is that all of them are written by good students and verified and edited by a professor. You can’t get any wrong information from the library, but you can get very good tips on how to build the structure of your essay.
  • From your friends. For sure you have some friends who are really good with writing, and for them argumentative compositions are very easy. You can ask them to show you some of their previous texts and give you some advice on how to deal with this assignment. If they are willing to help you, ask them to read your text once it’s done and give you a feedback.
  • Look in your manuals. Your own literature manual contains a lot of examples that you can read. They don’t have to be on the same topic as long as you know how to follow the requirements of your professor. Just be original and make sure that you give everything you have when you write this composition.

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