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Composing A Good Essay About Love With Figures Of Speech

Love can be a dangerous thing. Whether someone is falling in love or just breaking up, it can be a challenging experience. Writing about love can be even more difficult because putting these feelings into words is never a simple task. In some high school and college English classes, students are required to write essays about love. These papers may be designed to describe what love is, how the student experienced love in their love or similar topics. When writing, students may need to use figures of speech to show their point of view.

Using Metaphors

One of the reason why love metaphors are so useful is because they convey the feeling of being in or out of love. Most people have heard of these metaphors before, so they understand what the student is trying to explain instantly. These metaphors may common from common sayings, great works of literature or poetry. Whatever the case, they help to illustrate the student's story in more vivid, understandable detail.

Choose Carefully

When using figures of speech, students should make sure that they choose the right ones. A figure of speech can show the cynicism or despair of losing a partner or the extreme ecstasy of falling in love for the first time. Whatever the student wants to show in their essay, they have to make sure that they have chosen the right saying.

Create an Outline

Like any good essay, a paper on love should always start with an outline. Using an outline, the student can guide their writing and develop a strong argument. The student should begin by making an introduction and a conclusion. Once these portions of the paper have been written, the student can write out a topic sentence for each paragraph. These topic sentences are designed to guide the argument from the start to the end. Underneath each topic sentence, the student should include two or three pieces of research to support their viewpoint. If the student is writing a literary paper or something similar, figures of speech can be used to show how love is perceive in literature or society at large.

Consider the History

Before using a specific quote, students should consider the story behind. For example, a love quote from Casanova could only be understood through is years of philandering and spying. Meanwhile, a figure of speech created by Queen Elizabeth I would be viewed through her many years of being single and life as the “Virgin Queen”. By considering the history, students can add rich details and depth to their writing.

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