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Basic Criteria To Help You Find A Good Essay Topic

One of the important elements of a great essay is an interesting topic. A lot of students fail to earn high scores for their academic papers because they select common and boring topics to write about. Nobody wants to read about something they already know. The tips below should help you come up with better ideas.

Characteristics of a Great Topic

  1. A topic should be narrow.
  2. You should research a narrow aspect of a topic that your teacher asked you to write a paper about. For example, if you’re asked to write about global warming, you may write about its impact on a particular country to make your paper more detailed and informative.

  3. A topic should be easy to research.
  4. You shouldn’t select topics on which you cannot find any information. This way, you won’t be able to support your ideas and claims with good evidence. Before you confirm your topic, make sure that there is a lot of data related to it that you can analyze and use in your essay.

  5. A topic should be interesting to you.
  6. If you write on a topic that you don’t care about, your indifference will be seen through your writing. In order to be enthusiastic about your paper, you should pick something that really interests or concerns you. If your teacher sees that you’re excited about your topic, they may give you some extra points just for this.

  7. A topic should be educational for your audience.
  8. A paper that is written on a topic that is interesting to you, but that doesn’t really concern anyone else isn’t likely to earn the highest score. The reader should want to read your paper in order to learn something new about things that are important to everyone.

Tips to Write Your Essay

Having a good topic is only a part of success. You should take several other steps right too if you want to compose an impressive paper. First, you should always start with doing research and coming up with good arguments in support of your main idea. Once you have the evidence to prove your statement, you should make an outline for your paper. Make sure to have a paragraph for an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a paragraph that summarizes your points. Write your essay following your outline and using simple and understandable language. Don’t forget to proofread your text after writing in order to get rid of errors and rewrite sentences or phrases that sound weak.

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