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20 Up-To-Date Essay Questions For Elementary School Students

Elementary school is not as easy as some people might think. Sure, you don’t have to deal with a lot of exams or difficult lessons, but you still have to handle a lot of assignments every day. Besides, your professors have high expectations from you and you are required to write essays almost every week. If you are out of ideas, you can get inspired by these essay questions:

  1. What do you think about homosexual marriage?
  2. Explain how important it is for children to communicate well with their parents and how can this influence their future.
  3. Alcohol VS Marijuana. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both.
  4. Evaluate the importance of uniforms for middle school students.
  5. What is your opinion regarding the refugees crisis in European countries?
  6. Do you think that religions promote peace or violence?
  7. Analyze the impact of advertisements over children. Can they be influenced to buy things that they don’t need?
  8. Explain how important it is for students to know how to have a healthy diet. Should the professors discuss about this issue during class?
  9. Discuss about how technology affects teenagers. Did they forget how to communicate in real life with their friends?
  10. Explain the dangers of smoking and bring evidence. This might convince others to give up this bad habit.
  11. Explain what is international law and who should apply it. It is acceptable for a country to ignore it?
  12. Global warming. This is a very concerning issue, and we can face many problems in the future if we don’t solve it in time.
  13. Compare the public transport and the private transport. Which one has more advantages?
  14. Discuss about ways to gain money as a student. Is it good to ask students to take a part time job?
  15. What is your opinion regarding freelancing on the Internet?
  16. Explain what social anxiety is and how it can be treated.
  17. Is it important for a child to have pets while growing up? Can this make him more responsible?
  18. Discuss about domestic violence. Do you think that your professor should talk more about this subject in class?
  19. How can we integrate autistic children in our society? How can we teach others to be more tolerant towards them?
  20. Cyber bullying. How can we prevent it?

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