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22 Interesting Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay On Stress

A cause and effect essay allows you to use deductive reasoning in your exploration of the issue. In the case of stress, you are supposed to pick the phenomenon of stress, examine what causes it and the effect it has on the victim, his family, career, social life, etc. There are numerous areas you can handle with a broad topic like the causes and effects of stress. Here are some fresh topics to consider.

  1. What are the causes of stress among teenagers?
  2. Social media as a cause of stress
  3. Using social media to detect early signs of stress
  4. Stress as a result of lifestyle choices among generation y
  5. . Peer influence as a stress trigger and how to avoid it
  6. Working with peers to reduce the possibility and intensity of stress
  7. Long term effects of prolonged stress
  8. Stress and its effect on the level of activity for an individual
  9. The effect of stress on personal confidence and esteem
  10. The cost of stress related illnesses to the economy
  11. Ending the cycle of stress in individuals
  12. How to assist students with examination related stress
  13. Using stress detection and management to reduce the number of suicides
  14. Meditation as a stress management technique
  15. The effects of stress on family and spousal relations
  16. Access to money and its contribution to stress levels and intensity
  17. Manifestations of occupations stress in different work places
  18. The effect of stress on judgment among law enforcement officers
  19. Chronic stress and its effect on productivity
  20. The effectiveness of self assessment in stress management
  21. Managing stress among adult students
  22. When stress is displaced- positively and negatively

The essay topics on cause and effect of stress given above are just pointers that can be used to develop a captivating paper. It will take more than the topic to write a good paper. You will be required to, among other things;

  • Read widely on the subject to ensure that you give facts on stress and not your opinion.
  • Ensure that the structure of your essay is formal and allows a smooth flow of ideas from the introduction to the body and finally the conclusion.
  • Read through your paper once completed to ensure that your paper does not contain typographical or grammatical errors that reduce its quality. Complete the work in time to meet the submission deadline.

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