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4 Places Where You Can Find Interesting Argumentative Essay Examples


One way of learning is to learn though example. When it comes to argumentative essay examples it can be hard work to find good examples that you can learn from. Once you have your argumentative essay, you are able to pick out what makes a good argument and a good conclusion. This will help you to form good argumentative essays of your own. The four places to find good ideas are to go to your tutor or librarian, online for examples and a freelancer. The more examples you are able to get your hands on, the easier it will become to find out what makes a good argumentative essay.


Your tutor is someone who marks argumentative essays all the while. Your tutor may have ideas of their own or they can point you in the right direction. A tutor may advice you to look in places including:

  • Other students (advising who is better or worse at writing argumentative essays)
  • May have essays that you can look at
  • May be able to tell you websites
  • May advise you to use your library

Your tutor is there to help you create the best work possible and it is well worth seeking out the advice of your tutor.


Your school, college or university may hold a collection of essays that have been written by former students. Your library is a source of information and your librarian can help you to source out the essays that are of a similar nature to the topic that you are wanting to write about.


The internet is a great source of information but there is a need to be wary. Anybody is able to post things on the internet and so be sure to use only the best sources written by academics. There are however many essay sites that you can use in order to get copies of good and bad argumentative essays. Some sites may charge a small fee for their essays while others may be free.


By paying someone a small fee, it is possible to get argumentative essays written for you. These can then be studied and pulled apart to find out what makes for a good argumentative essay and what mistakes to avoid. Freelancers may charge a small fee but they are not expensive and can help you to raise your grade.


There are many different places where you can find good and interesting argumentative essays. These can then be used in order to find out what makes them interesting as well as helping you to write the best argumentative essays you can.

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