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Useful Guidelines For Creating An Impressive Opinion Essay

Opinion essays basically present the personal opinion of the writer on a particular topic. It is important that the writer should clearly state their opinion and support it by justifications. The opposing views should also be presented in a separate paragraph. Most essays have a minimum of 255 words.

Here are the basic steps and outlines that should be followed:

  • Pre-writing
  • Writing
  • Proof reading


Writing an outline: It begins with an outline of what the essay entails. On a plain piece of paper, write down the title and all ideas that can relate to the topic. Do not omit anything .Write till you run out of ideas.

Brainstorming: This entails getting to the details. Several questions must be asked at this point.

  • What questions are needed for this assignment?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are the main points?
  • What are my goals?

Organization: Based on the ideas outlined and the topic, eliminate ideas that do not fit. The remaining ideas should be organized into paragraphs. The ideas should flow logically. The essay should have three parts:

  • Introduction/thesis statement
  • The body: Has about three paragraphs or more.
  • The conclusion


It is time to write the essay based on the number of words given in the instructions. The writer should also consider the outline discussed above.

The introduction: It consists of a single paragraph. It introduces the subject and the opinion being presented. It is also called the thesis statement. It should the answer question “how” and” why”. After the thesis statement, include the main reasons for supporting thesis statement. The reader should be addressed directly and rhetorical questions can be used.

Paragraphs: They should be well written. They should be at least three sentences long. Each idea should be written in a new paragraph and. New paragraphs should be indented. Paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence. The supporting ideas should follow.

The conclusion

This is the last section of the essay. It should have one paragraph that restates the opinion. Different wordings should be used. While writing the conclusion avoid:

  • Introducing a new idea
  • Focusing on minor points
  • Apologizing for your opinion
  • Techniques for ending the essay
  • Address the reader directly
  • Include direct speech/quotations
  • Include rhetoric questions
  • Ask a provocative question
  • Suggest result or consequence
  • End with a warning
  • Compare with other situations

This website will guide you on how to write an impressive opinion essay.

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